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How Do You Paint on the Go?

How Do You Paint on the Go?

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Painting on Vacation

It’s already August!?! Are you in last-chance vacation mode like I am? I spent all winter and a ho-hum spring imagining sunny summer road trips and exotic jaunts. But now I remember that almost every time I go on vacation, my glow wears off once the artists show up.

Inevitably, I see a traveler who is painting on vacation, creating landscapes or sketching, making significant and personal mementos. And, I am left envious and grumpy because all I have to take home are cheesy postcards and tacky magnets. This can’t go on!

Choosing the Right Travel Companion

I sleuthed around to find an art medium that is a facile traveler, and almost immediately my pity party was over. Landscape painting in watercolor is the answer for the painting on vacation challenge!

Supplies are minimal, there’s nothing heavy or cumbersome to lug around, pieces dry quickly so you can paint and move on with your journey, and storage can be as simple as closing a sketchbook.

Watercolors can also be used to enhance and complement graphite and pen-and-ink sketches, which opens up even more options. But for those who really love oils, if you carry a small pack and use a condensed palette, painting on the go is totally doable as well.

Finding the Perfect ‘On the Go’ Technique

The approach to painting on the go is more a mindset than what you are painting with. Painting quickly is the goal, but that’s not about time management as much as working intuitively. Therefore it helps that loose yet controlled brushwork often shows watercolors and oils to their best advantage.

Painting fast also provides good practice in not getting bogged down in details of the landscape artwork you create. Instead, you’re using broad swathes of color to build a sense of atmosphere.

For more tried and true tips to improve your landscape art skills when you are traveling, consider the Summer Sketching Fun Pack Deluxe (also available as a Digital Collection).

Whether you are planning your next trip abroad or refining sketches you do on location in the studio, the technical demonstrations, artist tips and painting tutorials in the collection will help you learn how to become a better artist. This collection will also make travel and exploration this summer the experiences that inspire you for months to come in the studio.

Let me know how you paint when you are on the go — leave a comment and leave me green with envy with all the great sights you’ve seen this summer.

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