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Fake News Meet Fine Art

Fake News Meet Fine Art

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With Donald Trump as a Painter the World Would Be a Better Place

What if in the new Culture Wars, President Donald Trump let his artistic side hang out? After all, he loves a bit of appropriation, what with all the hype surrounding the Time magazine cover…er, the not Time magazine cover. Why not spread that love in a painter’s direction? We here at Network and Artist Daily are ready and waiting for the Donald to swipe one of our covers.

Cast your eye this way, 45, and think about how nice a Kolinsky Sable brush would feel in hand. Picture yourself, Chief, shrugging off the head-of-state responsibilities and just getting one with the muse. Fake news at it’s (art) finest, right?

It’s not even that much of a stretch. Numerous past presidents have displayed considerable creative talents outside of governance. Jimmy Carter writes poetry, George W. Bush paints portraits, and John F. Kennedy was a noted watercolorist.

In keeping with these very presidential pursuits, here we feature our first fake news foray: The Donald gracing the cover of our Outdoor Artist as he paints St. Basil’s in Moscow.

Given that painting en plein air (i.e. out of doors) was a French invention, this little red lie should set the stage for a lively culture exchange with France’s new president Emmanuel Macron, as the president prepares for his upcoming Bastille Day Holiday visit.

Is it so far-fetched? Maybe so, but the mogul prez understands the power of image and what a bit of fakery can do for a rising star.

Either way, it all comes down to the question: Wouldn’t the world be a better place if President Donald Trump was a painter just like us?

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