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Paint Dramatic Flowers in Acrylic with Mark Mehaffey

Paint Dramatic Flowers in Acrylic with Mark Mehaffey

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For Endless Variety, Paint Acrylic Flowers
There’s a long tradition of painting flowers, but no matter how many paintings we see, they never seem to get old; probably because there’s an infinite number of colors, styles and compositions to bring something so beautiful and dramatic to the page. Whether Perhaps it’s the desire to lend permanence to something with a life so fleeting; perhaps we just love the clean lines and bright pops of color. From Georgia O’Keefe to Vincent Van Gogh, the striking colors and lines of florals have inspired many an artist to interpret them in their own way.

This workshop from watermedia artist Mark Mehaffey on painting dramatic florals won’t disappoint on either front. You’ll learn all the basics for painting flowers in acrylics, using a full value range of colors and brushstrokes and by adding thin and thick, matte and shiny, smooth and textural elements to create high contrasts between lights and shadows. Mark will steer you, step-by-step, through all the painting techniques you’ll need to create stunning flower compositions. You’ll enjoy the extraordinarily long life of flowers that won’t die or wither away, and you’ll feel free to explore all the color and style variations you can get from a single bud.

Fabulous Floral Art Instruction
Flower paintings allow us to brighten up our indoor spaces, even when real flowers aren’t an option. So they’re ideal for painting in the winter months. Or, enjoy basking in their presence in the spring and summer, when everything is in bloom. No matter when you tackle them, Mark’s instruction will teach you the basics of painting form through value and color temperature, brushstrokes and painting techniques, and are applicable any time of the year, whether painting from a photograph or from a bouquet. His teaching style is approachable and friendly, with lessons that are easy to replicate on your own, so you can adapt and apply the information to your own compositions.

In Paint Dramatic Acrylic Flowers you’ll Learn:

  • How to create both smooth and textural finishes using acrylics
  • Acrylic painting techniques for applying thin and thick on your canvas
  • How to achieve matte and shiny looks

Preview Paint Dramatic Acrylic Flowers now to see how adding some of the lightest values draws in the eye to create dramatic focal points. You’ll also learn how to make use of painting the negative spaces around some of the darker areas of your flower petals as well as some brushstrokes and painting techniques for blending your acrylics. Then, head over to for access to the full-length video, materials list, reviews and more. Come see why ATV user Jane rated the video 5 stars, and leave your own review as well.

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