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18 Amazing Watercolor Paintings Worth Celebrating

18 Amazing Watercolor Paintings Worth Celebrating

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Artists from around the world brought their best watercolor paintings to the party for the 8th Annual Watermedia Showcase competition. Freshen your drink and enjoy some of the finest work contemporary watercolor has to offer.

“The language of art has no boundaries.”—Zhu Liangchuan

Prize-Winning Watercolor Paintings

“As I watched my daughter swim for the first time, I was struck by the riot of color—not only in the complicated waves of water in the swimming pool, but also by the rich colors reflected by her body.”—Yin Jun
“Life and work balance is important to me. Every morning, I send my children offto school, then head to the studio, where I immediately shift from father to artist.”—Zhu Liangchuan
“I love the time just after I’ve poured paint onto the paper, when the colors are slowly flowing across the surface and mixing naturally together. This waiting period often reveals exciting new directions for the work.”—Yue Luo

Watermedia Showcase Honorable Mentions

Inspired? Introduce us to your masterpiece for a chance to join the party this year!

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