A Simple Productivity Tip from Leonardo da Vinci

A Simple Productivity Tip from Leonardo da Vinci

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One Word: Imprimatura

Ever wondered where Leonardo da Vinci found the time to create all his masterpieces? Alongside his fine art painting he managed to dabble as a scientist, geologist, architect, mathematician, engineer, and anatomist with a bit of aeronautical design thrown in for good measure! So how can we adopt a little bit of da Vinci in our own practice? One of the most simple ways is to use a colored ground for our painting art. Or, as da Vinci favored, an imprimatura.

Enjoy this article from Will Kemp on how to mix and use an imprimatura in your own paitning practice! Be sure to explore all of your creative ideas in your own signature Leonardo da Vinci sketchbook, available for a limited time now!

What’s That?

An imprimatura is an initial stain of color painted onto a white ground. It is usually created using an earth color such as burnt umber or raw sienna. When painted onto your canvas it provides you with a transparent toned ground to work onto. (For more oil painting terms and definitions, here’s my free online Glossary for Oil Painting Terms–An Essential Guide for Beginners.)

Why does it speed up your process as a painting artist?

The toned ground acts as your mid tone. You then just have to work on the lights and darks. This means you can quickly establish a feel and mood for the painting with very little effort.

The word imprimatura comes from the Italian for ‘first paint layer’ and often, the initial stain is left visible in areas of the finished painting.

You can use this painting technique to prepare a selection of different colored surfaces that can be perfect for quick oil painting sketches and poster studies.

Maybe a burnt sienna imprimatura for an autumnal scene, or a terre-verte for a landscape painting?

By knocking down the white glare of the pre-primed canvas, you can quickly get your ideas down and speed up your painting time in the process.

To get started with an imprimatura try using a raw umber from your painting palette. It is a neutral, semi-transparent tone that is ideal to apply to your surface. It creates a unified layer of neutral tone that dries quickly.

How to Apply an Imprimatura

1 – Place a few small dots of raw umber evenly around the canvas.

2 – Then dip your painting brush into a small amount of turpentine.

3 – Now evenly scrub the turpentine with a coarse bristle painting brush over the small drops of paint into the surface of the canvas until all the white has been eliminated.
You are looking for a translucent, even thin layer of paint, like a stain.

Toning as such creates a clean, strong foundation for subsequent paint layers.

You can now block in your drawing with the raw umber, which is thinned to a fluid, flexible consistency with turpentine and a touch of linseed oil.

More Leonardo da Vinci

Beyond imprimatura, there is much to know and learn about Leonardo da Vinci. His methods as a painter, scientist and creative thinker are an inspiration to us all. Put all of your creative thinking (inspired by Leonardo or otherwise!) on paper in your very own Leonardo da Vinci sketchbook, available for a limited time!

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